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#include <DebugReport.h>

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Handles the actual report logging functionality of the debug system.

Richard Marks <>
The DebugReport class only exposes the static DebugReport::Log() function. Instances of the DebugReport class cannot be made. Example use: DebugReport::Log(DEBUG::DebugReport_Fatal, "Engine::Initialize()", "Could not Initialize the Engine!");

Definition at line 150 of file DebugReport.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Log (ReportSeverityLevel severity=DebugReport_Warning, const char *location="", const char *message="")

Private Member Functions

 DebugReport ()
 DebugReport (const DebugReport &rhs)
const DebugReportoperator= (const DebugReport &rhs)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DEBUG::DebugReport::DebugReport (  )  [private]

hidden constructor

Definition at line 217 of file DebugReport.cpp.

DEBUG::DebugReport::DebugReport ( const DebugReport rhs  )  [private]

hidden copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

void DEBUG::DebugReport::Log ( ReportSeverityLevel  severity = DebugReport_Warning,
const char *  location = "",
const char *  message = "" 
) [static]

The DebugReport::Log function writes reports to errors.txt warnings.txt or messages.txt based on the report severity level. It is not recommended to use this function directly, but to make use of the supporting MACROs: LogFatal, LogError, LogWarning, LogMessage

severity is the report severity level. This can be any of the values DEBUG::DebugReport_Warning, DEBUG::DebugReport_Fatal, DEBUG::DebugReport_Error or DEBUG::DebugReport_Message.
location is the name of the File that the report is being made in. Usually the value of __FILE__.
message is the message to be reported. This should have been created using the functions in the DebugReportInfo class.

Definition at line 114 of file DebugReport.cpp.

References DEBUG::DebugReport_Error, DEBUG::DebugReport_Fatal, DEBUG::DebugReport_Message, DEBUG::DebugReport_SimpleMessage, and DEBUG::DebugReport_Warning.

Referenced by DEBUG::DebugReportInfo::PrintLog(), and DEBUG::DebugReportInfo::PrintSimpleMessage().

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const DebugReport& DEBUG::DebugReport::operator= ( const DebugReport rhs  )  [private]

hidden assignment operator

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