Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ENGINE::BitmapFontBitmapped-font printing system
ENGINE::ColorRGBA class for creating 24-bit colors from red, green, and blue values
DEBUG::DebugAllegroGUISimple class providing static methods that wrap around allegro's alert() function
DEBUG::DebugReportHandles the actual report logging functionality of the debug system
DEBUG::DebugReportInfoA helper class that gives the functionality of a printf-style error reporting function
UTILITY::FILESYSTEM::FileExistsA class for checking if a file exists
ENGINE::GameTimerSingletonA cross-platform compatible class for handling proper game timing
ENGINE::GraphicsDeviceSingletonInterface to the physical graphics device; The screen
UTILITY::GUI::GUIListBoxA class for easily making a selection from a list of strings with the Allegro GUI
UTILITY::GUI::GUIMessageBoxA class for displaying multiple lines of text in a message box to the user with the Allegro GUI
UTILITY::GUI::GUITextEntryDialogA class for easily getting text input from the user with the Allegro GUI
ENGINE::ImageListA class to hold a list of pointers to the ImageResource class
ENGINE::ImageResourceA class for loading, saving, manipulating, and rendering non-animated bitmap images
ENGINE::InputDeviceSingletonInterface to the input devices; keyboard, mouse, and joystick
ENGINE::NameDirectoryA class to manage a directory of names for using simple name/index lookup tables
UTILITY::CONFIGURATION::SettingsA class for loading and saving program settings easily
UTILITY::PARSING::StringTokenizerA class for splitting a string into a vector of strings by any number of delimiters
UTILITY::PARSING::TextFileParserA class for reading the contents of a text file into a vector of strings -- accounting for comments
UTILITY::TIME::TimeStampA class for getting the system time as a formatted string (wraps strftime)

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