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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
include/BitmapFont.h [code]Bitmapped-font printing system - Header
include/ColorRGB.h [code]24-bit Color Type - Header
include/DebugReport.h [code]Project Debugging Utility Library - Error Reporting Header
include/FileUtilities.h [code]File System Utilities - Header
include/GameTimer.h [code]Cross-platform high-resolution timer class - Header
include/ged101minimal.h [code]Include this to have access to all the ged101minimal classes - Header
include/GraphicsDevice.h [code]Graphics Device Interface Module - Header
include/GUIListBox.h [code]Allegro GUI - Header
include/GUIMessageBox.h [code]Allegro GUI - Header
include/GUITextEntryDialog.h [code]Allegro GUI - Header
include/ImageList.h [code]Graphics Module - Header
include/ImageResource.h [code]Bitmap Image Resource Module - Header
include/InputDevice.h [code]Input Device Interface Module - Header
include/NameDirectory.h [code]Generic Utility System Module - Header
include/Settings.h [code]Runtime Configuration - Header
include/StringTokenizer.h [code]String Tokenization - Header
include/TextFileParser.h [code]File Parser - Header
include/TimeStamp.h [code]System Time - Header
source/BitmapFont.cpp [code]Bitmapped-font printing system - Implementation
source/ColorRGB.cpp [code]24-bit Color Type - Implementation
source/DebugReport.cpp [code]Project Debugging Utility Library - Error Reporting Implementation
source/FileUtilities.cpp [code]File System Utilities - Implementation
source/GameTimer.cpp [code]Cross-platform high-resolution timer class - Implementation
source/GraphicsDevice.cpp [code]Graphics Device Interface - Implementation
source/GUIListBox.cpp [code]Allegro GUI - Implementation
source/GUIMessageBox.cpp [code]Allegro GUI - Implementation
source/GUITextEntryDialog.cpp [code]Allegro GUI - Implementation
source/ImageList.cpp [code]Graphics Module - Implementation
source/ImageResource.cpp [code]Bitmap Image Resource Module - Implementation
source/InputDevice.cpp [code]Input Device Common Interface - Implementation
source/InputDevice_Joystick.cpp [code]Joystick Input Device Interface Module - Implementation
source/InputDevice_Keyboard.cpp [code]Keyboard Input Device Interface Module - Implementation
source/InputDevice_Mouse.cpp [code]Mouse Input Device Interface Module - Implementation
source/NameDirectory.cpp [code]Generic Utility System Module - Implementation
source/Settings.cpp [code]Runtime Configuration - Implementation
source/StringTokenizer.cpp [code]String Tokenization - Implementation
source/TextFileParser.cpp [code]File Parser - Implementation
source/TimeStamp.cpp [code]System Time - Implementation

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