Hi. I'm Richard Marks.

And this is my little portfolio site

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I design and develop really cool stuff.

Software, Games, Graphics, Comics, Typography, Music, You-name-it.


Since 1988 I have developed software and games for a variety of platforms using many languages including C++, C#, ActionScript 3.0, Python, Lua, Java Ruby, and Javascript. I have experience with engineering code using design patterns and using UML to communicate such constructions.


I have considerable skill with both 2D and 3D applications including Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, 3ds max 2012, Maya 2012, Cinema4D, Wings3D, GIMP and Inkscape.


I do comic lettering and typography for books, flyers, etc...

Music Composition

I play guitar, and enjoy using sample-based tracking software for creating rich aural experiences.

I enjoy the work that I do.

I have done a lot of freelance work and worked on quite a few projects of my own.

Book Covers

My typography can be found on several books.

Vector Graphics

I have created quite a few game assets and illustrations.

Below are just some of the games which I have developed.


Developed for a FlashPunk contest. The color palette was limited, and so was the resolution.

Island Adventure

Developed for a NOGDUS contest. This very short point-n-click adventure game sits on top a powerful data-driven adventure game engine.


Developed for an RPGDX contest. Sadly this game never made it beyond a walk-around demo. However a powerful scripted engine powers this thing.


Developed for an RPGDX contest. Managed to win first place with this complete traditional console style role playing game rendered completely with ASCII characters. A custom built Win32 console engine sits behind this complex 24-hour game project.


Developed for an RPGDX contest. This game took second place with a deep story and absolutely massive game world.


Originally planned for Android, this runner-style game was just too processor heavy due to a bloated AS3 library I used. So, the web is where it lives on.

Santa's Sexy Sliding Puzzle

Sex sells, and that is definitely proven with this infuriating classic fifteen sliding puzzle game. By far the least polished game, and the one that has made me the most money.

Workshop Mayhem

Developed in under 24 hours just in time for a Christmas release, this fun little casual action/arcade game will have you cursing the bombs that have gotten into the workshop.

Card Chronicles

Unreleased visual-novel dungeon exploring RPG with a card based battle system and a fantasy medieval storyline of epic proportions. This game is currently in development. Should be ready for release late 2014.

Fire In The Hole

This small unreleased fun crazy casual whack-a-mole-with-a-twist game in development is expected to be ready for the masses mid 2014.

Below are more links to other projects I developed and articles I've written.


A small tool I developed which got a lot of use a few years ago by some artist friends of mine: Pardon the horrid website, I was in a rush -- that hurt me in the long run, and I learned a lot about marketing. The 'donations counter' is busted. I actually got about $50 donated, whch was cool.


Allegro powered game engine. Also my first encounter with doxygen..so missing a lot of information still, but I used this engine for a few projects, the 48 hour rpg demo used a version of this as well

ECPU Project

This subforum board contains information and examples/tutorials for a emulator of a virtual computer device. I built the emulator to use as a teaching tool. It worked out pretty well too.

Sprite Editor - C64 Tool

Developed purely in JavaScript using some php and css for formatting, this web based utility was developed primarily for my uses, however I know of at least 8 people that are using it at the time of this writing.


This subforum board contains an Allegro game engine/library that I put together and wrote tutorials for

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