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: Isometric Game Art: Inkscape Workshop
: Richard Marks March 24, 2009, 04:11:35 PM
Isometric Game Art: Inkscape Workshop

I've been messing with Inkscape today as a means to create isometric art.
Have a look at what I've got so far:
(click for larger/clear version)
( (

It might be a little difficult to read the text, so here is what the text on the left says:
This .SVG file contains wall pieces and pre-fabs
for quickly prototyping isometric artwork.

Use the layers (Shift+Ctrl+L) window to toggle
the LOCKED property of the Wall Pieces layer
and hold shift and left-click on each piece
that you want to use, and press Ctrl+D to
duplicate the pieces.

Now, simply drag the pieces away from their
original position. (best is off the drawing
area completely)

Use the Layer menu and choose move selection
to layer above, to move the pieces you had
selected and duplicated to the WORKING layer.

Now, LOCK the Wall Pieces layer once more,
and UNLOCK the WORKING layer.

Only the WORKING layer should be UNLOCKED at
this point. Now, hide the Wall Pieces and
Prefabs layers. This leaves you with your
WORKING layer, and the Floor Base layer.

You can now move your duplicated wall pieces
back onto the drawing and duplicate, and
position them as needed. Once you have made
your walls, group them and move them to the
Prefabs layer, or just export the selection.

Lastly, a bit of advice:


Richard Marks <>

I'll be releasing the SVG files very soon. 8)
Stay tuned.

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