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Eve Ultimate: The Story of Leo Chaos

The Player
You play as Leo Chaos.
You are a mercenary working for the Little Memory Cargo company.
You possess an ability passed down through your family called the Forbidden Fang.
You wield the Painblade.
You were born on the Island of Darkness.

A dual bladed weapon of unbelievable power.

Forbidden Fang
A curse, an ability, a legend. Those who possess this must feed on the blood of living things in order to survive.
They cannot consume normal foods, and other liquids are deadly to them.

Little Memory Cargo (LMC)
A shady organization that uses a shipping company as a cover-up to hide what really goes on - Assassinations, drug deals, etc..

Island of Darkness
The place where most of the game takes place.
A place full of powerful entities known as "The Burning Insects" from the Illusion Plane.

The Burning Insects
Powerful entities from the Illusion Plane.
They resemble large transparent insect-like forms, and are invulnerable to attack on the Physical Plane.

Illusion Plane
The alternate plane of existence - this can be thought of as the spirit world, or the land of the dead.

Physical Plane
The plane of existence that you were brought into - this can be thought of as the everyday world, or the land of the living.

Fossil Toxin
A drug in the form of a bright orange liquid that is highly addictive, essentially this game world's form of heroin.

Summoning of Shadows
A gathering of crime-bosses from all over the planet.
The purpose of the gathering is unknown.
The location of the gathering is unknown.

Circlet of War
In the ancient times of war, a circlet was crafted and given to the ruler of the land.
After a great battle, the circlet was broken into three pieces, and each piece given to a successor.
It is said that when the pieces of the circlet are brought together, that a war shall rage again.

Phantom Future Ministry
A global organization similar bent on world domination; The game world's equivalent to the Nazis.

Goddess of the Lakes
The woman who heads the Phantom Future Ministry.
She usually takes the form of a young woman.
She is short and has a wide-hipped build.
She has medium-length sand-colored hair.
Her round eyes are green.
She has black skin.
She is usually portrayed nude.
She carries a basket.
She can call forth waves of water no matter where she is.
She sometimes takes the form of a hammerhead shark.

Story elements:
A new drug has been discovered by the LMC, and has reached the streets under the name "Fossil Toxin".
A gathering is soon taking place called the Summoning of Shadows; all the keepers of the Circlet of War shall be there.
You must find the location of this gathering and assassinate all the members of the Phantom Future Ministry, headed by the shape-shifter Goddess of the Lakes.
Be warned, there are Burning Insects inhabiting the Isle. You must not be caught by these foes, as you will surely perish.

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