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Author Topic: Theme Updates  (Read 1871 times)
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Richard Marks

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« on: September 02, 2009, 10:38:21 PM »

Not that anyone actually notices, but I spent about 6 hours of my time attempting to make this place better. Tongue
  • I completely re-wrote the display code for child-boards.
  • I took the time to draw new valid-xx,powered by-xx images at the bottom.
  • I made new menu graphics to replace the boxy css-border menu design.
  • I made detailed textures for everything.
  • I cleaned up the post display code to be neater.
  • I added info banners for the child boards and the board description now stands out in info banners instead of being lost  in a tiny space that was overlooked.
  • I made new collapse/expand icons that fit the theme.
  • I re-wrote the css file so that it was properly standards compliant, and smaller, so the page loads faster.
  • I fixed the errors in the irc link that cause the page not to validate to xhtml correctly.
  • I centered the menu.

Things that you likely don't even notice:

  • The page background is not black. Its a seamless technical grid pattern drawn by hand pixel by pixel
  • The board categories headers are not solid colors anymore, they are hand-pixeled gradient graphics
  • The dark red information banners (Mike calls them bars) are not red. They contain a seamless multi-shade pattern that was drawn by hand.
  • The expand/collapse images are correct. (Before the minus was to expand..which was so very wrong)
  • The input and textarea elements now have a 1 pixel border instead of an ugly 6 pixel border.
  • The icons at the bottom of board views are not crammed inside an ugly table, and now float over the page background.
  • The mark all as read button is no longer in the wrong position, and seats neatly against the bottom board.


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