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Author Topic: (external site) A Hobbyist Game Engine Post Mortem  (Read 2740 times)
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« on: October 25, 2008, 12:38:55 PM »

A Hobbyist Game Engine Post Mortem
by Paul Coppens


After spending several years developing mostly 2D/3D small applications in different languages on different platforms, I decided to create ex-nihilo, an object-oriented game engine with 3D graphics. My main reasons for creating my own engine were:

    * I already had existing code samples (graphic display, skeleton based model, sprite, …)
    * When comparing with existing engines at that time, I thought they were lacking simplicity compared to the kind of programs I wanted to write and did not offer direct support for sprites, fonts and/or user-defined GUI.

I also wanted to learn how to develop a cross-platform engine with no external dependencies (except the Standard C++ Library). I was considering whether I should continue developing under Windows or switch to Linux and I didn’t want to have too much work porting the engine. I also wanted to improve my refactoring skills. This endeavour as a lone hobbyist game programmer took me a little more than 1500 man hours over two years. Here is the result of my developments.

read more here:

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