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Richard Marks:
I think I'm finished with the implementation of the engine... I need to go create a Win32 project in Visual Studio and go see if my all-night insane coding spree paid off and if we have engine or errors  ;D

I'll edit this post with the answer.. hang on...loading XP...*waits*  ::) ::) ::)

*edit1* ...okay a few errors slipped past me. coding with no sleep is a bad idea. :D ..I am fixing them now.

*edit2* hmm, okay errors fixed, now I am trying to track down the logic bug that is preventing my shiny title bitmap from being displayed. Its hell writing stuff like this off the top of your head when you haven't done it in a while. :D pure Win32 GDI ...god its been years since I've done this sort of thing.
Anyway, the good news? The engine works.
The bad news? The engine doesn't seem to be drawing the images like it should be.

Don't worry though, I'll figure out this retarded windows issue soon enough and you will have a cool little engine for making simple Win32 GDI games with.

o'ryt! go go go! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Richard Marks:
Thanks to a clue from Redslash to find that logic bug, I was able to finish the engine framework.
So thats finally done.

Object Oriented DesignDouble Buffered Rendering SystemNamed Game State SystemSprite Blitting SystemHigh-resolution Timing SystemInput Handling System

Click here to download the engine source .zip

I used Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard, and the project files are included, as well as the title.bmp for the demo.

At the moment it just displays a title.bmp and waits for you to press either ESC to quit, or the SPACEBAR to play.
Once in the play game state, there will be a dark gray screen, and you can press ESC to return to the title state,
or P to enter the paused state (which is not implemented, and will just give you a message box saying so, instead of a horrible crash)

If you want you can run with this according to the rules stated in the source code.
I can show you a way to implement the "game" that you were making, but for right now, I need a break from all this GDI stuff.

Go play and learn from the new engine you've got now, and post any questions you have.

woweee! thanks! you're the best!

about the license thing. I don't sell stuffs, i can't remember a single thing in my whole life that i ever sold. I'm still young and my parents answer for my financial needs, so, money is not my problem (atleast not for now). With that, i vow to you that i will not sell your codes nor circulate/distribute/spread to the world and tell lies that i made it my own or stuffs like that. I will only use it for the purpose of self-teaching myself and not for business. If ever i redistribute a modified code i will GLADLY put the name of the original author which is "RICHARD MARKS".

I'll start studying the code now.. i hope i don't get confused. ;D ;D
anyway, thanks again!

Richard Marks:
And let me know if you have any questions.


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