Read Me before you post on this board.


Richard Marks:
Welcome to the Newbie Corner!
This place is dedicated to educating those that are seeking help with any aspect of the game development process.

First I want to go over a few things.

If you are coming here for help, then you should post as much detail about your problem as you can so that the more experienced members can help you out.

If you are coming here to help people who need help, please be courteous, and respectful of other members.
(yes, that includes the newbies that have come here seeking help)

Please don't start any flame-wars, nor post any "RTFM" or "go google it" messages here. That is rude, and does not help the person in any way.
There is one thing that we will not help you with:

Illegal Activities such as cracking software, games, or network security, etc...
Thank you for coming here for your game development education!
Please, make a donation if you can, to support us so that we may continue to provide this service to you freely!


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