Programmer's References


Richard Marks:
Programmer's References

Python Homepage
The eff-bot Python Standard Library Reference Book
Syphis 3D Game Engine - written in Python
300+ Python Tutorials!
Programming a video game
Tower of Hanoi
Teaching a program to learn (basics of AI)
Building a GUI Application with Tkinter Part I
Using an SQL database with our GUI - Part II
Building the GUI with wxPython
Recursive transition networks
Simulating Logic Circuits
Simulating Logic Circuits Part II
Waves and Harmonics
Python IAQ: Infrequently Answered Questions
Programming Textbased games with Python and Curses
How to use Regular Expressions in Python
Python SOCKET Programming

Learn Ruby Now! IN YOUR Browser!
Learn Ruby in 20 minutes!
Ruby Quick Reference
The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Ruby Essentials
Ruby User's Guide
Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
Introduction to Ruby
Ruby Core API Documentation
Ruby Standard Library Documentation
Ruby Basic Tutorial
Snipplr Ruby Code Snippets
DZone Ruby Code Snippets
RubyForge Snippet Library
Koders Ruby Search Engine
Ruby Regular Expression Editor - Online RegExp Evaluation Tool for Ruby Programmers


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