Art of Illusion Programming


Richard Marks:
Art of Illusion Programming

You read that right.
That kick-ass 3D software that I was talking about is PROGRAMMABLE! ;D
I'm going to let you know what I learn as I learn it.  8)

Here is my first script.
A simple Hello World.

start up Art of Illusion if its not already running.

click the Tools menu, and pick Edit Script...

enter the following code in the window that appears


new MessageDialog(window, "Hello World in AOI!");

now hit the Execute button at the bottom of the window.

More to come later  8)

Richard Marks:
Here is another script to try.


mySceneObjects = window.getScene().getNumObjects();
new MessageDialog(window, "There are " + mySceneObjects.toString() + " objects in the scene.");

If you just started Art of Illusion and haven't created any objects, then it should say
That there are 2 objects in the scene.
That is because the Camera is one, and the Light is the other.

More to come. :D


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