Game Development E-Books Coming Soon

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Richard Marks:
Game Development E-Books Coming Soon

I am in the process of writing several books on game development in electronic (.PDF) format.

These books will differ from the usual in that they will go from a blank slate to a complete finished and polished game project.

I am planning on covering Text Based Adventures in the first series, Graphics Based Adventures in the second series, 2D (classic) Role-Playing Games in the third series, and Arcade/Shooter Games in the fourth series.

The first book of each series I will release for FREE under a creative commons license.
The second book is $10.00 USD, and the third book will be $10.00 USD, and you can get a discount by buying them both for $15.00 USD.

The first book of each series will develop a working demo of the end-goal game project.
The second book will explain how to go from a working demo to building the game interface such as menus.
The third book will cover polishing the game content and mechanics and finalizing the game.

I will post here again when the first books are released.

Finally. I've been waiting for this.

DeJa Vu:
Rock on!!!!   (I can't wait!)

Richard Marks:
Just wanted to say that this effort has not died.
I have just not had the time nor the inspiration to work on it.

I still have the bits that I was working on, and I've some new ideas and directions to go with this.
So, patience my friends, patience. I don't know how long it will take, but its in the works.

Good idea.. I would like to see an engine for NPC scripting.  Also a guide to make interfaces or engines similar to the Fedora series style.


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