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Author Topic: Next Contest - Starts Now  (Read 2057 times)
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Richard Marks

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« on: February 25, 2010, 10:51:51 AM »

Hey yeah, I know there is like NO warning on this, but you asked for a contest, and here it is.

I found a site that has a bunch of content/idea generators.

The contest is to use each generator to output at least 1 thing, and make a game using the generated content.

Rules are simple.

You go to the site, you generate at least 1 thing from each generator, you copy the output into a plain text document, and you post the content here. You then have seven days to create ANY kind of game using all the generated content in some way.
For resources, you can google-rip, game-rip, or create it all yourself, or even get it made by others, or even buy it. I don't care. The whole thing is that you need to make a game that uses all the generated content in some way.

So developers, let the contest begin!  Cool

..Oh right, I bet you want to know the generator URL Roll Eyes

On the left there is a menu of things like Setting, Names, Characters, etc... click that, then use the menus to pick a generator and then you generate the content. Easy.

OK, so there it is, now you have seven days to get a game made. GO DO IIIIT!

I guess I need to specify this...
When I said each generator, I mean from each of the categories on the left side.. as each category has a LOT of generators, and that would make this contest impossible.

Another addendum:

You can opt to not use the Media/Fandom and Superheroes/Sentai categories if you wish.

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