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Richard Marks:
OK, so I got tired of pressing the Print-screen key on my laptop to take a screen shot, which copies the image to the clipboard, then I need to open up mspaint, and paste the image, then save the image...
So I wrote this tiny program. 8)

The installer is pretty simple to understand. (Thanks to Inno Setup!)
When you Run the program, you will not see anything happen - unless you are paying close attention.
The program runs as a small Icon in your system tray (by the clock).
You right-click on the icon and choose Take ScreenShot to take a screen shot and it will prompt you to save the image.

Download Here

You will need the .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your computer to use this.
If you are running any recent software, you should have this already.

I'd love to get some feedback on this program.
At this time the program only supports a single monitor,
however I am planning to add multiple-monitor support for version 2.0 8)

I installed it and works very well.  The install was quick and it was easy to use.  I noticed jpeg format was not an option in the dropbox.  Another suggestion would be to have a default name in the save box as well as a custom hot-key.  We use a product called SnagIT at work for screen capture, but I don't believe it's freeware.  Cool product you created here and I think I'll use yours instead.

Richard Marks:
Hey man, I'm glad you like my little utility! :D

Version 1.5 is out now, and I recommend that you upgrade (lol)

How about having the program launch your favorite image editor with the screenshot?

Richard Marks:
nah. That is really pointless, and would be a large needless overhead of additional code and windows hackery added for such a thing.
Besides, that can already be done by double-clicking on the image file that gets saved. :D


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