Tiny Dungeon Game Project

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Richard Marks:
Tiny Dungeon Game Project

Started working on this little game today.

The concept is very simple.

You take control of a magic staff wielding druid who seeks the ultimate power.
The ultimate power is locked deep inside the dungeon.
There are fireball tossing wizards, locked doors, and magic portal puzzles that block the way to the ultimate power.

You must seek the keys to unlock the doors to advance through the levels of the dungeon.
You must kill the wizards before they can kill you.
You must navigate the magic portals to reach the areas of the dungeons.

You control your druid using the WASD or arrow keys and attack using the spacebar.
You can have your druid commit convenient character suicide to restart the current dungeon level by pressing R.
Your druid will cast a lightning bolt spell in the direction he is facing.
The lightning bolt spell will continue until it hits a wall or a wizard.

Wizards will hurl a fireball at you if you happen to cross their line of sight.
Wizards will roam the dungeon level.

You start with a point score of 1000. Every move that you make reduces that score by 5 points.
Every Wizard that sees you will reduce your score by (score points remaining / number of wizards in the level).
Every key that you collect gains you 25 points.
Your remaining health and magic points are added and multiplied by the current dungeon level and added to your final score.

Casting lightning spells uses up your magic points.
Every portal that you use refills your magic points.
Every dungeon level you complete adds ten to your maximum magic points, and 20 to your health points.

Fireballs that hit you will take off (dungeon level * 5) points from your health points.
Completing a dungeon level restores your health points to maximum.

The game runs at 320x240 for an old-school retro feel.
I might scale the game screen x2 and center it on 800x600, but for now its just straight 320x240.
I'm using C++ and Allegro for this project.
The graphics are black and white right now, however I might go gray scale if I find its too difficult to see what is going on.
I'll post a playable demo in the near future.

For now, here is a screen shot.

And scaled up x2 so you can see it better.

Richard Marks:
An early screen shot of the in-game map editor 8)

Mattias Gustavsson:
This is a nice little project Richard! I like how you start off with a clear design - I bet that will make it much easier to implement too. Very cool that you're making an in-game map editor - those are really great for doing rapid iterations over your levels.

I like the monochrome look. I've been experimenting a bit with a new retro filter for emulating old monochrome screens, and here's what your gfx would look like with that (though cropped to fit forum image-size restrictions  :P )

And here's what it would look like inverted:

Richard Marks:
Thanks Mattias! Its a small project, but its large enough to be filled with a lot of tasks lol.
The #1 thing that interrupts the development of this game is my chaotic work schedule. :P
Then there are the typical distractions like chat.
And then there is the ever-so-dominating my-brain-just-had-another-idea issue that interrupts.

You were the one who taught me the benefits of an in-game editor. Thanks for that. :)

Man that filter is bad-ass! I'd love to be able to utilize such a thing for Tiny Dungeon.
Maybe you could give me the nitty gritty details on how to implement that effect?

OK, going to try to work on this some more today.

Richard Marks:
OK, got collision detection with the dungeon implemented.
Added the ability to place the player correctly in the editor.
Added load/save capabilities to the editor.

Productive. 8)

Much more to do still, but its coming along slowly. :D


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