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Richard Marks:
And yet another update! 8)
wizards can "see" up to four tiles in front of themwizards cannot see through walls or doorswizards will attack if you cross their line-of-sightwizards throw fireballs that travel in a straight linefireballs continue until they hit the player or a wall
OK, time to work on health, scoring, and then the UI/menus.

Richard Marks:
Three updates in one day! woo I'm on a roll! ;D

The magic portals no longer instantly warp the player to the portal destination tile. (which made the game a little confusing since you had no idea where it would let you "out" the portal)

Now, when the player steps on a magic portal tile, the player is unable to control the player while portaling.
The player will be automatically moved to the portal destination, however the player is not rendered normally.

When rendering the player, I draw either horizontal or vertical "slices" of the player image, which makes it appear as if you are in another dimension (the portal vortex) and your form is no longer on the physical plane of existence.
It looks rather cool I think! :D

I'll have some video footage up in the near future.

Richard Marks:
Tech Demo #1

Watch on YouTube

Richard Marks:
Another update. 8)

restructured the entire project source code to make expansion easier and to aid myself in the ever-so-chaotic development scheduleupdated the editor to allow "click & drag" drawing of tiles instead of needing to press and release the mouse button to place tiles.updated the editor to be able to remove placed wizards and magic portals from the mapadded "Shadow World" to the game play (see below)implemented a simple fast bitmap-based font rendering system (not in use just yet, but will be used in all game UI)
The Shadow World of Tiny Dungeon:

The druid that you take control of in the game possesses the ability to shift in and out of an alternate plane of existence called the Shadow World.

In this alternate plane you are invisible to the wizards that guard the ultimate power that you seek.
However, there are drawbacks to shifting into the Shadow World.
Every step that you take will hurt you (reduce your health) so you must use this ability sparingly.You cannot collect nor see any keys while in the Shadow World.You cannot use nor see any magic portals while in the Shadow World.You cannot attack while in the Shadow World (though there is nothing for you to attack either)Shifting into the Shadow World requires 50% mana, and shifting back to the normal world requires at least 25% mana.If you do not have enough mana to shift out of the Shadow World, you are trapped there, and you must kill yourself to start the dungeon over.
I think that the Shadow World looks really cool. I'll have another demo video once I get the game's UI finished.

woah this is looking pretty neat  :o


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