Tiny Dungeon Game Project

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Richard Marks:
Working on this little project some more today.

Added the ability to collect the Keys from the dungeon. :)

Now.. to implement the magic portals... ::)

Mattias Gustavsson:
Quote from: Richard Marks on May 14, 2010, 03:05:25 PM

Man that filter is bad-ass! I'd love to be able to utilize such a thing for Tiny Dungeon.
Maybe you could give me the nitty gritty details on how to implement that effect?

Sure - but it's still in the early stages, and far from being possible to run at real-time speed. Just like with my other retro filter, I've started out with just experimenting with some rather slow image manipulation code, with the intention to reduce it down to a fast shader version once it is done. The basic idea here, is that I've extracted about a dozen green dots from photographs of real monochrome CRT screens, and for each pixel in the source image, I pick a random one and put it down on the output image. Then, I just scale it down a bit (which makes everything blend together nicely) and apply a slight distortion to the whole thing, making it curve a bit like if it was displayed on an old screen.

I'm not sure yet how to do a fast version of it, but if I come up with anything, I'll let you know!

Richard Marks:
Got to working on this again after work today a little bit.

I got magic portals working, keys & doors working in-game.
The editor now tells you where portals will launch the player when walked on. This will make puzzle design easier. 8)

Now I need to add the Wizards to the game...

Richard Marks:
Much to my surprise, I managed to get the Wizards walking around the map.

Current AI:

Wizards walk in the direction they are facing until they hit a wall.
Upon hitting the wall, they turn to the right.

Later I'll update this to make them a bit more intelligent, but for now this creates an interesting demo.
I might make wizards hold the keys so you must kill them to collect some keys..but that would require making a more advanced editor..and that is not on my todo list for now. 8)

I'm enjoying this project.
Next up, giving the player the ability to attack, then the wizards get a chance to attack the player, and then....I think its game map design time and then ready to put out the first release.

Anyone who wants to beta test this game, or create some levels for the final game should send me a PM here.

Richard Marks:
Another update! 8)

player may attack in the direction the player is facinglightning bolt travels until it hits a wall or a wizardlightning bolts will go through magic portals and exit in the same direction (covert wizard kills! cool!)
Really nifty side effect:

Placing portals such that you can fire into one portal, and the bolt travels into another and then back into the original..makes for an awesome endless reaction of the magical mirror effect where you can catch wizards in a trap.

Now to go work on the wizards attacking the player...


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