Mattias Gustavsson:

I've started making a simple little top-down racing game. The main inspirations are top-down racers like Micro Machines or Death Rally, as well as the good old C64 classic Pit Stop

The idea is that you race around a track, competing against computer-controlled opponents, and you have to avoid bumping into the edges of the track or the other cars. If you do, your tires will be damaged, and if they take too much damage, they explode and it is game over.

I have the basic driving, with collisions, implemented already and will go on to adding AI drivers next  :)

Mattias Gustavsson:
I just thought I'd post a first version of the game in case someone wants to try it out - there's no AI drivers yet, but you can race around the track and bump into the sides, damaging the wheels...

Controls are cursor keys and Z for brake.

Download here

Pretty fun, but there is a bug that I noticed. It is possible to travel off the track.

looks cool, found it impossible to control though.


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