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nice. I know Kongragate, played a game once there, that was very addictive ;-) But 40$. For all the effort. What i can tell you, perhaps you should try to create an mobile device game. Kongregate also went mobile on the android market.
I published a non ad musikplayer for 2.30$ in november 2010. It earns me about 300$ a month. Perhaps I should put an AD Version too in the market to earn more with it.

and sorry i misinterpret the AAA game with AAA sponsorship.

Richard Marks:
I already have plans to target the major mobile platforms with Flash via AIR.
Android included. I first need to actually get my hands on the physical mobile hardware devices.
All of the emulators are absolutely terrible.

And I spent no more than 2 weeks tops on all three games. $40 profit isn't bad.
It beats the hell out of $0 profit from all of my other non-flash games that I've made.

Ok, for 0$ its correct, but i think 0$ was bevause of the bad "selling" plattform PC, perhaps with Steam, you could have earned some more. On the other hand the market is to big on the pc and most people that i know, play only at work with their pcs :) Normally they play on PSX, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo..... or new with their mobile device. in trains, in planes, ...

im trying to get my hands on the new samsung s2 with dual core 1ghz cell phone. cant wait to try this beast.

Mattias Gustavsson:
I'm glad to hear that you've found a platform which works for you :-) I'm just so used to C/C++ now, that I just get frustrated trying to use anything else  ::)  But recently, I helped a friend out with the graphics for a flash game, so will be interesting to see how that does for him. Here's a link, would be cool to hear what you guys think:

Also, I don't agree that PC is a bad selling platform. I know several people who make a good living selling small PC games, and selling them direct from their own website. But with any market, you need to know about it, how it works and how to sell. If I ever decided to try going the indie route, I'd definitely look at the PC as my platform  8) But then, I don't mind spending some time on the business/marketing side of things...

Richard Marks:
The game is pretty cool. Needs better balancing of damage taken vs hp you have imho.
Way too easy to lose the game in the first room if you don't pay very close attention.
And I got a glitch/bug with it. If you are holding an arrow key, and right-click then press ESC and then try to resume the game, you will be unable to move which results in your untimely death. It happened six times, so this is a bug that should be addressed I think.

I recognize the art. It looks extremely similar to your own dungeon crawler project.


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