Making MP3s that will loop properly in Flash games.


Richard Marks:
I have come across a solution to the ever so irritating problem of looping MP3 files seamlessly in AS3.

I have found that a 44100Hz 96kbps constant bit rate encoding works perfectly.

I had a 128kbps variable bit rate MP3 that was exported from Adobe Media Encoder CS5, and when played back in my game, I only was able to hear a portion of the MP3 file. I was losing nearly 3/4 of the audio from the playback! I tested the MP3 outside of the game with Windows media Player and it plays all of the track fine.

So I knew something was up. I then dragged the 128kbps MP3 file into Audacity and then Exported an MP3 again, this time choosing 96kbps and choosing constant bit rate for the options.

I lose a little audio quality, I also shrink the file size, and I gain all of my audio track in the game.
I'd say that is a great trade-off.


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