Just saying "Hey! I'm still alive!"


It's been a while but I've decided finally to return to the community.
Because of my current situation I can finally set aside some decent time
to work on some projects i've been chiping away at 'barely'.
I've decided to go back to the drawing board and actually do some real
design docs for the two games which will help me retool what i have
(as i was working blind or from the top of my head which i usualy do.)
So with everything i've learned about coding and design it is finally time
to do it right! I'm hoping my main RPG project will show some promise.

Projects I am working on:

RPG / graphic adventure: The Dread Omen

Verticle shooter: Epsilon Run

So yeah I will keep you posted in the Show Room or whatever, and good luck all
with whatever you guys are working on.

Richard Marks:
Oh cool. Welcome back! :)


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