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Hello everyone, my name is Brian. I started drawing from a young age.  A few years ago I picked up a 'How to Draw' book and everything I had learned up to that point came into focus.

My skill set includes: illustration & animation however I am well rounded in other areas as well. I have always been reluctant to move toward 3D Animation until recently.  It is an inevitable paradigm shift in the world of animation.

Recently I started working with a small team of Game Developers, was required to work with 3D modeling software and picked it up fairly easily. Yay Wings3D! My primary purpose for joining this site is to branch out, maybe join a project to gain experience and understanding of the industry. I found this site while looking for a tutorial on creating 'terrain' and found Richard Marks tutorial the most informative so far, thank you.

Lastly, my team will be releasing a game for the Android Mobile Device.  The game is called - Chu Chu Mail Order - any feedback on the game is appreciated; comments, suggestions, good or bad alike would be appreciated.

Richard Marks:
Welcome Brian!

I am pleased that my tutorial helped you, and that you decided to join us here on the forums.
I will keep an eye out for that game on my phone. What is the license? Free? Free demo? ADs? Paid?

I'm sorry, the official release has been delayed for a day or two. The demo is free, the official release should be $1.00. However, the game engine was built by my brother, who is the programmer. There is an 'AdMob' button in-game. I'll drop another message here when I know for sure the game has been released.

For now, you can view the intro animation at our website, . I made the animation and the music for it.

I did check out some of the games made by various members here. Good Job!

Richard Marks:
Nice little simple game. The audio needs a lot of work however. I recommend finding someone with audio engineering experience to balance out the audio for your game. The sound effect for the train on the tracks is very intrusive and makes the overall experience less enjoyable. I like the game's concept though, and I think it could do well with a bit more polish.

What did your brother use for the technology? Android SDK? A 3rd party library? Flash & AIR? Native code?

Yes, the sound effects are not quite polished, but we were dealing with rag-tag sound effects. I'll have to look into solving the sound(s) issue. As for the coding, I'll have to get back to you on that one. Thanks for the suggestion.


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